My contributions to Electric

Features Added

  • I wrote Electric's BTree (com.sun.electric.tool.btree)

  • Appearance of off-page connections depends on the PortCharacteristic.

  • Layout Text generator.

  • Pulsating error markers (image)

  • Scalable (>100MB) simulation data rendering.

Bugs Closed

  • Bug 2287: EpicAnalysis.getSignalsFromExtractedNet() always returns null.

  • Bug 2286: threading assertion failure when creating waveform window.

  • Bug 2338: calibre drc error import points to regions with no geometry.

  • Bug 2352: Annotation text not selectable in a certain situation.


  • couldn't have a bus of analog signals

  • had special-purpose analysis for Epic signals and nothing else

  • advertise electric as a code sample