The IBM Remote Supervisor Adapter

In a hurry; will write more later.

The IBM Remove Supervisor Adapter is a nifty piece of hardware, but its remote keyboard/mouse function uses a proprietary protocol, and the only client is a java applet that has problems with many modern browsers. Here's how to run the client directly from the command line:

This tutorial assumes that your service processor is (mine is).

export USER=root

First, download mcs.jar. If you don't have https enabled, drop the -k and change https to http.

curl -k -O https://$SP/private/mcs.jar

Then, create a policy file. Here, you'll need to

cat > policy <<\EOF
grant {
  permission "*", "connect";
  permission "*", "resolve";
  permission "*", "accept";
  permission java.util.PropertyPermission "*", "read";
  permission "${user.home}/-", "read, write";

Finally, create your html file. Don't forget to change $SP to the name of your service processor and megacz to the username you use when logging in to your service processor.

cat > mcs.html <<EOF
<applet code="mcsClient.McsClient"
  <param name="host" value="$SP:2000">
  <param name="userid" value="$USER">
  <param name="ac" value="">
  <param name="enc" value="off">

FIXME: show them how to grab the ac field.

Finally, launch it:

appletviewer file://`pwd`/mcs.html

Apparently this won't work with Java 1.6 or later. Lame.