I managed to get T.38 working with Gafachi. I was subsequently annoyed to find out that a bug in OpenPBX broke its ability to traverse NATs, so I had to temporarily switch back to asterisk. Eventually that got fixed.


Here are some random notes gleaned from my experience.

  • I'm using SVN version 2174. Later versions probably work.

  • First I downloaded, ./configureed, and make install ed SpanDSP version 0.0.3pre24.

  • Then I did a ./configure; make; make install in the openpbx source tree. It noticed SpanDSP and worked quite nicely.

Here's my sip.conf and the relevant fragment of my extensions.conf.

End result: you send me a fax, it winds up in /tmp/fax.tiff quite reliably.

Thanks OpenPBX and SpanDSP!