Package com.sun.electric.database.geometry.btree.unboxed

Interface Summary
AssociativeCommutativeOperation<S extends Serializable> An AssociativeOperation whose multiply() operator is also commutative
AssociativeOperation<S extends Serializable> An associative operation on unboxed values.
Unboxed<V extends Serializable> A class which knows how to intrepret sequences of bytes as an object.
UnboxedComparable<V extends Serializable & Comparable> An unboxed which is Comparable, and for which the comparison can be performed directly on the unboxed form.
UnboxedFunction<A extends Serializable,B extends Serializable> A function from one Unboxed to another.

Class Summary
Pair<A,B> Note that Map.Entry is just the Java idiom for Pair (there is no standard generic Pair).
UnboxedFloat A 32-bit float in unboxed form
UnboxedHalfDouble A 64-bit long which is stored internally as a 32-bit float in unboxed form
UnboxedInt A 32-bit int in unboxed form
UnboxedMinMaxHalfDouble<K extends Serializable> an example of an AssociativeCommutativeOperation
UnboxedPair<A extends Serializable,B extends Serializable> an implementation of Pair in unboxed form