Package com.sun.electric.database.geometry.btree

A B+Tree with many features.


Class Summary
BTree<K extends Serializable & Comparable,V extends Serializable,S extends Serializable> A B+Tree implemented using PageStorage.
BTreeTest A simple regression test for the BTree.
CachingPageStorage API for a PageStorage with some sort of cache; the CachingPageStorage.CachedPage class provides an interface for interacting with the cache.
CachingPageStorageWrapper A wrapper around PageStorage that makes it a CachingPageStorage.
FilePageStorage PageStorage implemented via a RandomAccessFile.
MemoryPageStorage A PageStorage that uses plain old memory.
OverflowPageStorage Combines two PageStorage objects, using the first until the "high water mark" is exceeded, then moving to the other.
PageStorage Stores and retrieves fixed-size byte sequences indexed by a page number; page numbers are guaranteed to be contiguous starting at zero.

Package com.sun.electric.database.geometry.btree Description

A B+Tree with many features.

At the moment, the on-disk format is NOT stable. It will almost certainly change in the future. Please do not use the BTree to store data across invocations of the JVM.

At the moment, the BTree does not support deleting or replacing values.

There are three kinds of classes in this package:

The subpackage unboxed provides "unboxed" versions of many data structures; please take a brief look at it first.